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May 27, 2023

Watch the video of the Participatory Theatre forum to address workplace harassment among Saskatchewan's direct healthcare workers.

June 20, 2022
Watch Dr. Quinlan's address to the Annual Memorial to the four miners killed in a cave-in at Falconbridge Mines, Sudbury Ontario, June 20, 1984.  
May 2021
The British Sociological Association announces SAGE Prize for Innovation / Excellence
2021 Winners:  

Elizabeth Quinlan, Susan Robertson, Ann-Marie Urban,
Isobel Findlay,& Beth Bilson.

Ameliorating Workplace Harassment among Direct Caregivers in Canada’s Healthcare System: A Theatre-Based Intervention

The judges' comments on the article:  
"We were all impressed by the very innovative methodology, but also by the way it situated the lived experience of workers in the context of managerial practices and the dynamics of contemporary capitalism. Together with its commitment to playing a part in positive change, all of this gave the paper a really strong and memorable impact."

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